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Our Trust


Our vision is that our children, staff and families flourish and achieve through an aspirational, innovative and compassionate community based approach.  

I have written your name on the palm of my hands.


As educators, we aim to ascertain that the potential of all children within our Trust, and the communities within the wider West Midlands region, are realised and that this is achieved alongside nurturing a life-long love of learning. As a Trust, it is essential that we are motivated to help facilitate and swiftly achieve changes that will lead to enriched opportunities for our young people, whatever their start point so that they leave our schools ready for the next stage of their lives.


Since St Bartholomew’s CE MAT was formed in September 2016, the Trust has grown in a considered and gradual way. We are now a family of schools across Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and Dudley, serving just under 2,500 children and just over 400 staff.


We strongly believe that, by working in partnership with schools both within and outside of the Trust, along with the wider community, we can utilise the strengths of all those involved. In turn this will inspire children and push the boundaries of what is possible, enabling them to continue their successful and enriching educational journey. Whether you are part of a faith or non-faith school, an outstanding school striving to serve your community better, or a school searching for a sponsor to secure school improvement, our goal is to work with you to transform the lives of our children.


If you would like to discuss the opportunities available in becoming part of the St Bartholomew’s CE MAT family of schools or would welcome some further insight into the Academy model, then please do get in touch with Katy Kent via

Our Values




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